DeFuel, Lifenergy and the research: an ambitious Project

Demont has been engaged in the development of the DeFuel technology for many years; this is an innovative system for recycling plastic through a catalytic pyrolysis process that allows obtaining sulphur-free fuel from plastic materials.

Demont’s mission has been shared by Firmin Group, a historical reality from Trentino that, for this scope, has established the company Lifenergy srl. In collaboration with research institutes recognized at national and international level, Lifenergy has built a dedicated team, with the aim of further developing Defuel System using the funds made available by the Provincia Autonoma di Trento for the research on innovative plants.

This Project, named Ri.Pla.Id. is based in Lavis (TN) and will consist in the installation and start up of the DeFuel modules for the process of conversion of plastic into fuel, for a yearly total capacity of 5.400 tons.