Demont features a fleet of operating and hoisting means of absolute level, which is deployed for construction and assembly operations and made available also for lifting services provided to third parties.

Thanks to the expertise and skill of its technicians and staff, Demont can provide an integrated service for even the most complex lifting requirements, starting from the design phase all the way to final execution according to the strictest safety standards, while at the same time managing all matters having to go with lifting system handling and moving logistics.

The fleet of equipment and handling systems is managed with a modern maintenance programme in order to comply with all technical testing and safety provisions and ensure the full efficiency and conformity of the systems.


How and where we operate

Demont can operate both domestically and internationally in its own facilities and by providing lifting services to third parties.

Demont‘s high expertise allows to integrate Customer organisations during the design and management phases of the lifting process, thus benefiting and guaranteeing the accomplishment of the goals at hand.

This integration is the result of the active and direct participation in the entire lifting process by means of:

Applying the strictest standards in terms of Quality, Safety and the Environment

A systematic analysis of all activities scheduled for development

Minimising the risks of change and delay by designing all required adjustments to the various intervention methods

Planning interventions and required resources in full compliance with the operation requirements of the systems

The optimised management of logistics regarding system transportation

The use of modern maintenance methods to guarantee full system efficiency and their compliance with all applicable regulations

Continuous staff training

Continuous intervention monitoring for the purpose of optimising and improving the outcomes


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