School & Work Project: a concrete experience

The “School & Work Project” that involves overall 20 students of the Carcare S.G. Calasanzio High School, has completed the training dedicated to the part of students committed in Autocad 2D technical and practical class that, guided by GuidoArzani competence, one of our expert technicians, have reached an amount of 80 training hours. The training was focused on software theorical notions and, once they have been assimilated, on practical activities. The students had the opportunity to carry out projects using this software.

The other students of the same school are spending their “School & Work Project” in various Company’s offices in Millesimo headquarter. The same, last year, have faced the Autocad training course and this year, they are living a full immersion experience in the activities of our Company’s offices.

Antonella Sugliano, Human Resources, has declared herself satisfied to offer such a concrete opportunity to the students, giving them the possibility to approach the job’s world, obtaining useful competences for the future and, in the meantime, a directing occasion to their next academical and professional journeys.