Some ideas for the future?

Also the second group of students of Calasanzio High School has terminated their period of “School & Work Project” carried out at various company departments in our Millesimo Headquarter. These guys have concluded the training cycle, that has been starting the last year with the session of Autocad, testing themselves with a full immersion experience in the offices activities.

Everyone has lived the experience in a personal way, developing new ideas and coming to know new aspects of themselves and food for thought for their future.

Concerning Marta, assigned to the Human Resources office: “It was a different experience from the school, without the “face to face” relationship with the teacher, but with the possibility of feeling part of a project”. 



For Silvia, that shares her experience between legal and amministrative office: “I was able to live completely different realities by drawing useful information to understand what I can really do”.

As Matilde says, from the Engineering office “I believe that this stage should be mandatory and open to as many sectors as possible in order to have the chance to make the greatest number of experiences and consciously decide on our future”. 

Virginia, in the management control office, has measured herself with a business reality for the first time “I am surprised by the synergies necessary for the functioning of the company. I always thought that every office was part of itself and instead it was strange to see the necessary relationship of collaboration to make it work! “.




Nicholas and Gabriele, employees in the IT office have faced the challenge with enthusiasm, “an experience that allowed us to measure ourselves. It was really interesting to understand how a computer works, the basis of the modern working life and essential for any future choice “.

Eleonora, the student assigned to the Workshop, was struck by the positive work place and she appreciated the staff commitment who showed itself always available to her, giving her the opportunity to know the manufacturing side of the company, distinguishing its experience from that of the other students.