Demont is among the most outstanding operators in the Oil & Gas, Industrial and Power Generation industry system assembly business, with 50 years operating successfully on the field.

Demont‘s offer stands out for the strategic combination of specific engineering skills and a goal oriented mentality for system construction and servicing solutions that through a very accurate and punctual planning of each and every activity and the expertise and skill of its technicians and staff, can ensure the accomplishment of Customers’ goals and the implementation of high quality interventions in full compliance with the strictest safety requirements.

Demont can provide multi-disciplinary assembly services covering the entire range of specialities required. This ensures a very high level of integration among various disciplines, for the benefit of overall implementation safety and optimal management of the pre-commissioning phase, all being instrumental to a rational execution of system commissioning activities.

To integrate its on-site assembly activities, Demont offers a wide range of activities carried out in its workshops, which mainly include: piping and carpentry pre-fabricated structures, various boiler and pressure components manufacture, thus guaranteeing the execution of the whole service range in an integrated quality assurance framework.

Moreover, Demont stands out for its fully operational hoisting systems and vehicle fleet among the most efficient and comprehensive nationwide, thus allowing to fully manage every single phased in the construction process.

How and where we operate

Demont operates in both domestic and international markets.

Demont‘s high expertise allows to integrate Customer organisations during the design and management phases of the construction and assembly process.

This integration is the result of the active and direct participation in the entire construction and assembly process by means of:

Applying the strictest standards in terms of Quality, Safety and the Environment

A systematic analysis of all activities scheduled for development

Minimising the risks of change and delay by designing all required adjustments to the various intervention methods

Planning interventions and required resources in full compliance with the operation requirements of the systems

Optimised management of site logistics with a systematic “just-in-time” approach, in order to minimise encumbrances and avoid dangerous and risky material “double handling”.

Continuous staff training

Continuous intervention monitoring for the purpose of optimising and improving the outcomes


  • In Assembly
    Turnkey supply of the “Politecnico” District Heating Integration and Reserve Thermal Plant
  • In Assembly
    Turnkey supply of the repowering of the Bolgiano Cogeneration Power Plant
  • In Assembly
    Bulk Handling System
  • In Assembly
    Revamping Diesel Hydrotreater – Unit 400 Revamping
  • In Assembly
    Combined cycle unit – Moncalieri
  • In Assembly
    Combined cycle units – Vado Ligure (SV)
  • In Assembly
    “East” plant and “PTU” area
  • In Assembly
    Turnkey supply of the New Unit Vacuum and Interconnecting