FCC Plants Turnaround and revamping of CO Boiler

Customer: Sarlux S.r.l.

Site: Sarroch (Cagliari)

Period: from September 5th , 2014 to October 15th  2014





The scope of work included the following activities:

“Catalytic Area”:

– Supply and replacement of No. 10 modules of CO-Boiler

– CO-Boiler cylindrical unit replacement

– Prefabrication and assembling of CO-Boiler piping and structures modification

– Reactor maintenance activities and Wye section replacement

– Column K1T1 internal parts maintenance and replacement

– Line Flue Gas diameter 60” complete replacement from K1T1 to Turbo Expander

– Heat exchanger and vessel maintenance

– Insulation activities

– Scaffolding, assistance and auxiliaries works

– Upholsteries, refractories and anti-abrasive refurbishment

– Piping and equipment sandblasting and painting

– Equipment internal cleaning and catalyzer removal

– Electro-instrumental activities

– Non-destructive testing

– Commissioning and CO-Boiler chemical cleaning

– Repair service and CO-Boiler requalification according to Pressure Equipment Directive

– Dismantling and dispersal of removed equipment

“Distillation Area”:

– Heat exchanger, air-fins maintenance and piping replacement  (No. 182)

– Maintenance accumulator (No. 53)

– Columns maintenance

– Piping replacement, dismantling, prefabrication and assembling

– Piping and structures new investments (128.000 Kg)

– Pressure Equipment Directive and D.M. 329  implementation (No. 70 lines)

– Maintenance columns (No. 23)

– Insulation activities

– Scaffolding, assistance and auxiliaries works

– Non-destructive testing

– Pre-commissioning activities