Demont S.r.l. operates on an international level in several industries such as Oil&Gas and chemical, paper production, traditional and nuclear power generation, shipbuilding, food and pharmaceutical.


Demont started operations in 1972 with erection and maintenance activities of industrial plants in the chemical-petrochemical and power generation industries.


In the eighties the company started a product diversification process aimed at expanding its market, with the subsequent acquisition of significant contracts for the design, supply of components and the erection of industrial plants.


The diversification phase continued and, in the late eighties, Demont started to operate in the shipbuilding industry by carrying out turnkey supplies of HVAC plants for cruise ships. In the following years Demont also carried out projects related to the supply of prefabricated toilet facilities and the fit-out of public areas (theatres, halls, restaurants etc.).


In the nineties the company further strengthened its presence both on the national and the international market by carrying out EPC projects with important partners for the construction of new power plants and the repowering and/or upgrading of existing power plants according to the new environmental standards.


In 2014 Demont decided to spin off the shipbuilding fitting-out activities.


Thanks to its 50-year experience and to the capability of adapting to constant changes in market trends, by transforming them in new business opportunities, today Demont is an organization capable of meeting the requirements of the most demanding Clients through a wide range of services and a high versatility.


Demont succeeded in combining competitiveness, innovative technological contents and flexibility in order to guarantee the achievement of Clients targets and the execution of projects in full compliance with Quality and the most stringent Safety requirements.


These qualities make Demont a reliable partner for the design, supply, installation and start-up of civil buildings and industrial plants, power generation, transformation and distribution plants, chemical and petrochemical plants.






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