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Trento, 01.01.2021

The Companies FIRMIN S.r.l. and DEMONT S.r.l. announce the signing of the technical-scientific collaboration agreement between LIFENERGY ITALIA S.r.l. owned by FIRMIN S.r.l. and DE FUEL, DEMONT’s Division.

The aim is building, through the research project Ri.Pla.Id., the operating synergy needed to create plants in the sector of circular economy on industrial scale.
The purpose of the research project Ri.Pla.Id. is to create systems, with high production capacity, able to transform industrial waste from non-convertible plastics into a “diesel like” fuel.

“The choice for this investment was driven to our local presence, to the strong attractiveness of Trentino as an environmentally conscious territory, by the precious synergies in place with the Research Partners FBK and CINSA and the presence of an industrial reality as DEMONT.
When we started LIFENERGY to engage ourselves in the development of the circular economy, we had a dream: to create an industrial plant in line with our historic Company mission and its goals “zero waste”. Today it is coming true.”

These are the words used by the CEO of FIRMIN, Nicola Minzocchi, in describing his enthusiasm for the project.

The CEO of DEMONT, Fabio Atzori, shares the same spirit, summarizing the decision to adhere to the LIFENERGY request, in order to start an effective collaboration in the Ri.Pla.Id. project, as a result of a long process of joint studies and assiduous collaboration:

“DEMONT has always believed in this project which in its early days seemed utopian to the most. This new and important industrial synergy opens up new scenarios that will allow us to go through the ambitious program of studies and research to obtain an industrial development of this technology that will allow far-reaching environmental effects”


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