Demont operates in the Thermal Desalination Plants with its own proprietary technology and know-how , through a dedicated Business Unit with the prestigious brands REGGIANE and SOWIT, pioneers in Desalination Industry since 50 years. Demont is among the most qualified suppliers actives in the international market, in position to design and supply desalination plants of last generation based on the consolidated technologies Multiflash (MSF), and Multiple Effect (MED and MED-TVC), in a wide capacity range, highest applicable performance and excellent technical characteristics. Demont has developed innovative applications of thermal desalination plants focused to the Energy Efficiency Improvement of the industrial complexes to be served, moreover to the combination with renewable energy systems. The Plants, with high technology content, are designed to meet specific project requirements and to be perfectly  integrated within the industrial/co-generation complexes in which are included/combined. The design is focused to the top reliability during the plant lifetime, cost management, easy operation and minimum maintenance.

Thanks to its EPC capabilities, Demont is in position to provide Plants on “EPC” basis or on “EPCM” Package basis with technical assistance services during installation, commissioning and testing, according to the formula required by the customers.

The peculiarity of Demont is to have its own qualified fabrication facilities then, to avail of the typical skills and experiences of the manufacturer, which allow to ensure the best quality and to keep the complete control of all project phases, even in case the fabrication is executed by specialized manufacturers for logistical reasons.

Demont’s activity is extended to the modernization, upgrading, life extension and extraordinary maintenance of existing plants, as well as innovative applications of energy efficiency improvement.


The characteristic of the  desalination industry is the demand of “tailor made” plants regarding capacity performances and flexibility (number of Units) requirements, as well as to meet peculiar project/ customer specifications. According to the demand this industry does not contemplate standard models and just occasionally allows to similar design for different project. The wide capacity and performance range is extended to large size MSF Units, medium-large size MED and MED-TVC Units, with performance ratios up to the highest applied.

The capacity ranges reported herein after  are for general reference and the threshold values are flexible; said values can vary in relation with various factors, among which the number of Units forming the whole plant.

The performance ranges (production/steam consumption) reported herein after  is extended to the complete range usually applied or required. The threshold values  are for general reference of said range; both the minimum and maximum values are not generally corresponding to technical limitations, rather deriving from economic evaluations of the end-users.


Here there is a list of the areas where the Plants are installed.





   Montalto di Castro


   Porto Vesme


   Santa Gilla


   Simiri Crichi


   Termini Imerese


   Saudi Arabia 









Demont develops the design and engineering of the Desalination Plants  “in house” in the offices of Millesimo (SV), where the Reggiane-Sowit Desalination Business Unit is located. The main components of the plants (Evaporators and Heat Exchangers) are preferably manufactured in house at Millesimo (SV) or for logistical needs (equipment dimensions and/or destinations), by qualified manufacturers under the company’s strict control.

Millesimo (SV)Località Braia – Zona Industriale. Area: 26.550 m2 13.350 m2 covered

Demont deals in the international market of Desalination; particularly the Desalination Plants supplied are destined to worldwide locations in the  areas with water supply shortage, typically served by desalination plants. The Clients are both the End Users and the global  ECP Contractors of Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power and Industrial complex (particularly the major Korean Contractors, for their position in the EPC market). The sites of installation mainly are in North Africa and Middle East, moreover certain areas of South Far East (Indonesia, etc.) toward which Demont is extending his market focus.

Demont’s high expertise, in process design and in industrial systems, allows to integrate Customer organizations during the engineering, supply and commissions phases of the project.


This integration is implemented by means:

– The full compliance to the most stringent technical design specifications

– The application of the Customer project management procedures

–  The application the strictest Quality, Safety and the Environment standards

– The systematic analysis of all processes addressed to continuous development and improvement

– The minimization of risks of change and/or delay providing any suitable adjustment to the various manufacturing processe and operational flows logistics

– The planning interventions and required resources in full compliance with the operation requirements of the systems

– The use of the most sophisticated control systems

– The implementation of an efficient management of the “Supply Chain

– The optimized management of logistics regarding component transportation of the purchased products

– The continuous monitoring for optimization and improvement of the target outcomes


The process design is developed using the most advanced calculation programs and the engineering is carried out by the latest 3D modelling systems.


Demont’s products and services stands out for strategic combination of specific know how and engineering skills with the distinguishing  “Customer oriented” approach in the shop fabrication and field construction, which can ensure full compliance with the deadlines and quality standards required by the Customers.


Demont devotes particular care in the continuous training of the personnel to assure a top-level services in terms of skill and overall quality of the supplies or services performed.





GOR 13



Demont has developed an Innovative Application for Thermal Seawater Desalination Plants , focused to the production of desalinated water (distilled water), within industrial complex at ZERO primary energy cost, through waste heat recovery, also as method for  energy efficiency improvement. The Application mainly consists in operating  the desalination plants  with  low grade heat, normally or often wasted in the major process plants, pursuing the energy efficiency of the whole industrial complex.
The application also allows the combination of desalination plants with renewable energy generation systems such as Solar CSP, geothermal etc and ORC integrated cogeneration systems Solar CSP and biomass.

In general the designed and supplied systems stand out for:

  Fully automatic operation, start up and shut down

  High availability and reliability along the time

   Longest plant life

   Ease access and maintenance

  Minimum maintenance and spare parts requirement

  Minimum civil works requirement (outdoor installation, compact layout, etc.)


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