Demont operates in domestic and international marketsto supply turnkey systems as EPC contractor in the Oil & Gas, Industrial and Power Generation businesses.

Demont‘s offer stands out for the strategic combination of specific engineering skills and a goal oriented mentality for system construction and servicing solutions that through a over 40 years of experience operating in the field, not to mention the expertise and skill of its technicians and staff, can ensure the accomplishment of Customers’ goals and the implementation of high quality interventions in full compliance with the strictest safety requirements.

Demont uses 3D modelling solutions based on state-of-the-art applications, which make it possible to optimise product control, starting from process documentation all the way to the automatic generation of construction documents.

Material management is known to be critical for complex systems; Demont does it in an optimal fashion by fully integrating design and procurement with automatic processes (MMS) in order to directly transfer the information from material take off to the company ERP system (SAP).

Demont can integrate its role as EPC Contractor with the provision of multi-disciplinary assembly services, workshop manufacturing and lifting services, which are suited to cover the entire range of specialities required.  This ensures a very high level of integration within the project, for the benefit of overall implementation safety and optimal management of the design and commissioning phases, thanks to fully shared and harmonised knowledge and skills.


Demont operates in both domestic and international markets

Demont‘s high expertise allows to integrate Customer organisations during the entire system construction process.

This integration is the result of the active and direct participation in the entire construction process definition by means of:

Applying the strictest standards in terms of Quality, Safety and the Environment

Using state-of-the-art applications

A systematic analysis of all activities scheduled for development

Minimising the risks of change and delay by fully integrating the processes and design of all required adjustments to the various intervention methods

Planning interventions and required resources in full compliance with the operation requirements of the systems

Optimised management of site logistics with a systematic “just-in-time” approach, in order to minimise encumbrances and avoid dangerous and risky material “double handling”.

Continuous staff training

Continuous intervention monitoring for the purpose of optimising and improving the outcomes


  • In epc
    Turnkey supply of the Fusine Biomass Power Plant
  • In epc
    Turnkey supply of the “Politecnico” District Heating Integration and Reserve Thermal Plant
  • In epc
    Turnkey supply of the repowering of the Bolgiano Cogeneration Power Plant
  • In epc
    Turnkey supply of three District Heating Biomass Thermal Plants and networks
  • In epc
    Reconstruction of heat recovery steam generator
  • In epc
    Turnkey supply of the New Unit Vacuum and Interconnecting
  • In epc
    Turnkey supply of the Mantova District Heating Thermal Plant
  • In epc
    Turnkey supply of Capparuccia gas treatment plant and export gas pipeline line