Demont is among the most active and skilled operators in theOil & Gas, Industrial and Power Generation industry system maintenance business, with over 40 years operating successfully on the field.

With its highly qualified services – which stand out for a strategic allocation of specific engineering skills and a goal oriented mentality for system construction and servicing in order to allow customers to focus only and exclusively on their “Core Business”, Demont ensures that the systems operate with reliable and uninterrupted efficiency.

How and where we operate

Demont operates in both domestic and international markets.

Demont’s high expertise allows to integrate Customer organisations in the maintenance process design and management throughout the entire system life.

This integration is the result of the active and direct participation in the entire maintenance process by means of:

Applying the strictest standards in terms of Quality, Safety and the Environment

Applying state-of-the-art maintenance techniques

A systematic analysis of all maintenance details in order to mitigate and get rid of potential causes for failure and amend the intervention criteria

Identifying and adopting suitable maintenance policies

Planning maintenance interventions and required resources in full compliance with the operation requirements of the systems

Spare parts and inventory management

Continuous staff training

Continuous intervention monitoring for the purpose of optimising and improving the outcomes

Open maintenance sites:

   Vado Ligure (SV)

   Quiliano (SV)

   Busalla (GE)

  Trecate (NO)


  • In Maintenance
    Cengio (SV) and Pieve Vergonte Facilities
  • In Maintenance
    Petrolig Storage – Calata Canzio
  • In Maintenance
    Isab Refinery – Priolo Gargallo
  • In Maintenance
    Busalla Refinery and Fegino Storage
  • In Maintenance
    Global service at Infineum – Vado Ligure
  • In Maintenance
    Sarpom/Esso Refinery of Trecate, Vado Ligure (SV) and Quiliano (SV)
  • In Maintenance
    Eni Storage – Genova Pegli
  • In Maintenance
    Eni Refinery – Sannazzaro dè Burgondi (PV)