Erection & Installation

Specialists in Plant Erection and Installation

We provide erection and installation services in Oil&Gas, Power Generation and many other industrial key sectors – particularly in Shipbuilding sector – as one of the most important companies at both the national and international level.

Our professionalism stands out for the completeness of our multifunctional engineering skills combined with a mentality strongly oriented towards plant construction and service.

Thanks to a very careful planning of the activities and to the experience and skills of our staff, we can guarantee the complete achievement of client’s goals and the highest quality level of the works, combined with the compliance to the most stringent HSE regulations.


Erection & Installation Activities

We provide multidisciplinary erection and installation services covering the entire range of specialized construction. This guarantees the maximum level of integration between the disciplines to the full advantage of the overall execution and also of the optimal management of precommissioning phase that is an important preparatory step to a rational execution of plant start-up activities.

In addition to on site erection and installation works, we offer a wide range of activities in workshop, mainly relevant to fabrication of piping and steel structures and to manufacturing of boilers’ pressure components. This enables us to carry out all the works within an integrated system of quality assurance.

Our experience on site enable us to best integrate the engineering and management of construction activities in client’s organization, thanks to our active involvement in all stages of work planning and definition.

Strict Regulations

Application of the strictest standards in terms of Quality, Safety, Environment, Governance & Business and Social Responsibility.

Systematic Analysis

Systematic analysis of all the activities to be developed to guarantee the highest level of reliability and safety of the plant.

Risk Minimization

Minimization of the risks of change and delay through the study of suitable adjustments to work procedures.


Rigorous planning of activities and resources needed to complete the works, according to the operational requirements of the plant.


Optimized management of site logistics with a systematic "just in time" approach to reduce the necessary spaces to a minimum and avoid useless and risky material "double handling".

Multidisciplinary Services

Multidisciplinary erection and installation services covering the entire range of specialized construction.


Implementation of a continuous training process for the employees involved in construction activities in order to ensure the regular updating of their skills.

Constant Monitoring

Constant monitoring of erection works aimed at the optimization and continuous improvement of project results.

Application Areas

Oil & Gas

Erection and Installation Activities in Chemical & Petrochemical Sector

Power Generation

Erection and Installation Activities in Traditional and Nuclear Power Generation Sector


Erection and Installation Activities in Shipbuilding Sector


Erection and Installation Activities in Other Strategic Industrial Sectors