Who We Are

Our Story

50 years of Demont story, a story made of people, projects and interweaving ideas.

Demont Is Established

Demont starts its activities as a company committed to erection and maintenance of industrial plants in chemical-petrochemical and power generation sector.

early 80s
Demont Starts a Process of Diversification

Demont starts a process of product and services diversification aimed at expanding its original market with the acquisition of important contracts for engineering, components supply and erection of industrial plants.

late 80s
Shipbuilding Industry

Demont starts working in shipbuilding industry with the "turnkey" construction of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning plants (HVAC) for cruise ships, enlarging its activities to the supply of prefabricated toilets and furnishing of public areas (theatres, halls, restaurants etc.) in the following years.

EPC Contractor Role

Demont further strengthens its presence at a national and international level, participating with important partners in the execution of EPC projects for the construction of new plants and for the repowering and/or adaptation of existing plants to new environmental standards.

The First Step Towards Sustainability

Demont makes the attention to environment concrete and install a photovoltaic system on the roof of the workshop building in Millesimo.

2009 - 2012
The Integration of Engineering

Gesco's Engineering is integrated into Demont, in order to optimize the execution of the EPC project for the new Capparuccia Gas Treatment plant, making the best of the synergy between engineering and installation activities.

New Office Building

Demont inaugurates the new modern office building in Millesimo, thus having the opportunity to further enhance its engineering structure.

Demont Focuses Its Activities on Plant Engineering

It is a year of big changes, Demont decides to spin the activities relevant to cruise ship furnishing off.

New Solutions to Reduce Energy Consumption

Demont drastically reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions by replacing the traditional lighting system existing in Millesimo premises (a total of 198 mercury-vapor lamps) with new latest generation LED lamp-free projectors.

More Efficient Layout for Demont Workplaces

Demont builds a new warehouse for steel storage optimizing the work spaces inside the plant.

New Software for 3D Modeling

Demont optimizes IT resources for 3D modeling, a leading activity in the supply of turnkey contracts, by switching to Cadworx Plant Professional.

always in 2019
The Subsidiary Hi-Pe S.r.l. Is Established

HI-PE S.r.l. - specialized in the production of boilers, industrial heaters, heat exchangers and high voltage components - is the new company created by Demont with the aim of carrying out "turnkey" engineering, procurement and construction of industrial heaters and boilers, components and circuit-breakers for the distribution and transmission of electricity and workshop machining for the petrochemical, power generation and industry sectors in general.

Demont Improves Its Production Processes

A logistics center for the management and maintenance of all equipment is created inside the production plant.

A Package of Services Increasingly Wide

Thanks to its 50-year experience and to the capability of adapting to constant changes in market trends by transforming them in new business opportunities, today Demont is an organization capable of meeting the requirements of the most demanding Clients, offering a wide range of services and warranting high versatility.
Combining competitiveness, determination, innovative technological contents and flexibility, with its role of EPC contractor, Demont can guarantee the achievement of Clients targets and the execution of the project in full compliance with quality and with the most stringent Safety requirements.
These qualities make Demont a competent and reliable partner for any type of Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Start-up, Maintenance of complex industrial plants.

50 Years of Demont Story

Today is Demont's 50th anniversary.
In 50 years of activity, we have achieved a leading role at national and international level in the construction of complex plants. The 360 degrees approach to execution of new projects is the key factor for the achievement of our goals.

Sikel spin-off: Demont focuses its core business on the EPC

Thanks to its consolidated experience of more than 50 years in the Oil & Gas sector, Demont now realizes the division of the company branch dedicated to maintenance and turnarounds.
Kicks off the Sikel spin-off, which will allow Demont to focus more effectively on his core business: the design, construction, and assembly of complex plants (EPC) in the most representative industrial sectors, including petrochemicals.


50 years together

Embracing Millennium

Demont celebrates 50 years of history,
the story of a big family, a story made of values and people that make this company great every day.
Embracing Millennium!


Why Choose Us

We give the right value to our people.

We never stop looking ahead.

We are the product of our great history.

We are always ready to face any challenge.

We are reliable and meet the expectations.

We are strong and determined in purposes and actions.

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Bonds and connections

The interweaving represents a union of elements, events and relationships that come across, creating bonds and connections.

Demont has been creating several interweavings of people and lives inside the company for many years.

The artist Marilisa Parodi works with talent and sensitivity on a symbolic work of art using the ancient macramé technique. All those knots that go together, intertwine and tie create a new, complete and solid element.

We want to celebrate our 50th birthday in this way.