In-house Manufacturing

Specialists in Manufacturing and Fabrication

We are specialists in a wide range of manufacturing, fabrication and machining works applied to Oil&Gas, Power Generation and Industrial sectors (in particular Shipbuilding sector).

Our manufacturing and fabrication activities are carried out in our facilities located in Millesimo (province of Savona). They are developed according to national and international technical standards in full compliance with HSE regulations, basically include the following:

  • manufacture of pressure vessels such as columns, reactors and storage tanks;
  • manufacture of shell&tube heat exchangers;
  • storage tanks fabrication;
  • piping fabrication;
  • boilers & heaters pressure parts fabrication;
  • steel structures fabrication.

Our manufacturing workshop is certified for production according to the following national and international standards:

  • ASME VIII div. 1 e 2
  • ASME B31.1 e B31.3
  • EN 13345
  • EN 12952
  • VSR-M-S
  • NTC 2008
  • EN 13084-7
  • TEMA R, C

Our manufacturing workshop is equipped with modern tools (including CNC machining centers) arranged in an ergonomic layout, aimed at optimizing working flows and logistics; all the staff working there is highly specialised.


Our Manufacturing Activities

The activities for the manufacturing of pressure vessels and heat exchangers, fabrication of storage tanks, piping, steel structures and boilers&heaters pressure parts, together with other machining works are carried out in our facilities located in Millesimo (SV).

Manufacturing facilities cover a total area of 23.550 sqm, 10.350 of which are covered.

A continuous research for improvement of production processes is the main feature of our manufacturing activities, to ensure the best efficiency and the supply of a product always in line with client’s needs, through the application of top level quality standards.

Strict Regulations

Application of the strictest standards in terms of Quality, Safety, Environment, Governance & Business and Social Responsibility.

State-of-the-Art Tools

Use of state of the art technologies and modern tools arranged in an ergonomic layout aimed at optimizing logistics and working flows in the workshop.

Systematic Analysis

Systematic analysis of all the activities carried out in workshop to guarantee the highest quality and safety level.

Material Suppliers and Warehouse

Careful supervision and management of the suppliers to ensure the procuremenr of superior quality and long lasting raw materials and semi-finished products.


Rigorous planning of all manufacturing process phases and relevant needed human resources and materials.

Control Systems

Implementation of sophisticated control systems to guarantee the quality and reliability of the product and the health and safety of the workers.

Risk Minimization

Minimization of the risks of change and delay through the adjustment of manufacturing processes and working flows.


Implementation of a continuous training process for the employees involved in manufacturing activities in order to ensure the regular updating of their skills.

Application Areas

Oil & Gas

Manufacturing Activities in Chemical & Petrochemical Sector

Power Generation

Manufacturing Activities in Power Generation Sector


Manufacturing Activities in Shipbuilding Sector


Manufacturing Activities in Other Strategic Industrial Sectors