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Safety Is a Priority for Us

We consider our human capital to be the most precious value and every day we act to preserve it.

The health and safety of our employees, who often have to work in extremely demanding contexts, are an absolute priority for us.

We firmly believe that training is the crucial element for transmitting to the people working in Demont the the culture of safety.The sensitivity that has been our distinguishing quality for 50 years make us consider the protection of physical and psychological integrity and the well-beingof every single person of the utmost importance.


Our Concrete Commitment


In 2022 alone, we have provided 8.607 hours of training on Health and Safety in the workplace.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

In 2022 alone, the amount assigned to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for our operating personnel was approximately 550,00 euros each.

Equipment Maintenance Software

We use a sofware to monitor, check and manage our equipment, tools and vehicles.
This software delivers a series of essential data for the safety in the workplace. It allows the univocal identification of the allocation of equipment and tools and the tracking of the information regarding their suitability for use while making the relevant documents quickly available.
By alerting in advance about the deadlines of the scheduled maintenance, it enable us to carry out the periodical revision on time to the full advantage of:
- minimization of environmental impact and risks for operators;
- keeping the efficiency, functionality and safety of the equipment;
- prolongation of the life and prevention of breakdowns.

HSE Organization Chart

Updated on 06.01.2024


Certifications and Documents

ISO 45001:2018

UNI ISO 45001 is an international standard that defines minimum requirements for the protection of workers all over the world.

We have decided to be certified (UNI ISO 45001 is a voluntary standard) to be sure that our HSE management system is really effective in preserving physical and psychological integrity of our employees.

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The protection of people's physical and psychological integrity is achieved through our culture of safety.