Our Future Is Now


Our Tomorrow

We look ahead to be prepared to face the future intended as a set of possible scenarios in which we may be involved in the medium and long term.

Life has taught that when the future becomes present is never as we have imagined it, even if with the experience we have learned to understand which contexts are more likely than others.

Think about Covid: could we expect it? Never. However, when the pandemic arrived, we managed and completed the Saras turnaround. How did we do? We were organized up to the smallest detail to deal with any possible unexpected event.

We certainly could not imagine the pandemic, but to be ready to face a large number of unexpected events helped us managing and overcoming also that one, even with great effort and hard work.

Having a vision for us means not to consider or choose just one possible scenario for convenience, but to be able to see all of them.


Our Today

We are always ready to face anything happens with great determination, as we are confident in our ability to foresee any variable and this encourages us to tackle ever-changing contexts.

We have the wish and motivation to take on new challenges, completing anything needed for the company to live, NOT just to survive.

To live means being masters of one’s destiny, to survive means acting trying to adapt to the events.

We want to ride the change and NOT to accept it passively, to be leaders and builders of our future, following the rules and NOT being subject to them.

We are aware that we do not make the rules, but – just because we are extremely competitive – we do like to get to the goal before the others, following the rules.