Leader in Turnaround Services for Industrial Plants and Refineries

Demont is a national leader in the implementation of Turnaround services for industrial plants and refineries, proud of its 50 years experience in Oil & Gas sector.

Through our multifunctional engineering skills, our mentality strongly oriented towardsplants service and the experience of our staff, we can guarantee the complete achievement of client’s goals and the highest quality levelof the works, combined with the compliance to the most stringent HSE regulations..


Turnaround Services

Turnaround activities are essential to guarantee the productivity and efficiency of industrial plants that need periodic revamping and renewal to check and assure their proper operation in terms of performance, safety and impact on the environment.

Through a rigorous planning and coordination of the activities to be carried out during the turnaround, Demont can assure the full compliance with scheduled time and costs, while maximizing efficiency and promptness of any possible corrective action needed to face umpredictable events that may occur during the works.

Our active and direct involvement in all stages of turnaround management process, enable us to fully integrate client’s organization in the planning and execution of TA activities according to the highest quality standards.

Strict Regulations

Application of the strictest standards in terms of Quality, Safety, Environment, Governance & Business and Social Responsibility.

Advanced Operating Procedures

Advanced operating procedures are implemented by highly skilled employees supported by newer tools and equipment.

Systematic Analysis

Systematic analysis of all the activities to be developed to guarantee the highest level of reliability and safety of the plant.


Implementation of a continuous training process for the employees involved in turnaround activities in order to ensure the regular updating of their skills.


Rigourous planning of activities and resources according to the requirements of every single plant.


Optimized management of site logistics to reduce the necessary spaces to a minimum and avoid useless and risky material "double handling" .

Risk Minimization

Minimization of the risks of change and delay through the study of suitable adjustments to work procedures.

Constant Monitoring

Constant monitoring of the works during each project phase aimed at the optimization and continuous improvement of the results.

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