Environment and Sustainability

Projected into a Sustainable Future

We are constantly focused on technological and digital innovation to work always at our best and provide up to date and advanced services with full respect for the surrounding world.

Observing HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) key principles by adopting a sustainable approach to environmental safeguard and protection and to people’s health and safety means for us to be an active part in the building of a sustainable future.

Every day we adopt the best solutions to:

  • preserve physical and mental well-being of the people working with us;
  • minimize the environmental impact associated with our activities;
  • ensure positive outcomes for the external community that may be impacted by our actions.

We support sustainable productivity and energy transition actively working side by side with our clients and using most advanced technologies in order to be able to anticipate and ride the change.


Our Concrete Commitment

Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Our premises in Millesimo are equipped with a photovoltaic system for power generation consisting of:
- solar panel array, collecting solar radiations through the PV panels duly arrangend facing direct sunlight;
- inverter, converting direct current electricity generated by solar panels to alternating current electricity used by electrical grid.

Lighting Systems and Energy Saving

Replacement of all light bulbs with LED lights in Millesimo premises. Introduction of presence detectors sensors in the new office building built in 2011, in order to optimize and reduce energy consumption.

Recycled Paper

Replacement of paper made from cellulose with recycled paper for all photocopiers both in the headquarters and in the external sites.

Reduction of Paper Consumption to a Minimum

Implementation of Zucchetti Infinity platform allowing the online transmission of payslips and relevant information and/or communications to the employees, thus eliminating the need of printing on paper.

Waste Management

Specific operating instruction on waste management integrated in the Integrated Management System (I46-QHSE08.01-01-Waste Management Procedure).

Thermal Insulation

Installation of a glass door at the beginning of the corridor connecting the older office building with the new one for a better heat conservation.


Certifications and Documents

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 14001 accredited certification is an international standard that certifies the capacity of an organization of implementing its own environmental management system to improve its performance and meet the applicable regulations in matter of environmental pollution.

We have decided to be certified (ISO 14001 is a voluntary standard), because as a certified organization we can demonstrate that we have a suitable management system helping us keep the environmental impacts of our activities under control, always looking for continous improvement in a consistent, effective and above all sustainable way.


We are registered in the Italian Register of Environmental Operators, Category 8 – Class E (waste intermediation and trade without detention for quantities greater than or equal to 3,000 tons and less than 6,000).



The path towards a sustainable future must be followed respecting the people, the environment and the law.