We Are Socially Responsible Entrepreneurs

Every day we have to face extraordinary challenges and to do that we deploy all our best resources: highly qualified manpower, top level engineering skills, consolidated experience in project management, expertise in problem-solving and innovation capacity.

In every Country where we work, we act to become a privileged partner and earn the trust of local communities and of all the parties involved, by:

  • collaborating with local business partners with the aim of a complete integration;
  • building strategic business relationships;
  • making long-term investments;
  • focusing on the commitments made at local level.

We are aware that, as a company, we have great responsibilities regarding the impact of our activity on the society. For us, being socially responsible entrepreneurs means to meet the needs of the clients and, at the same time, to be able to manage the expectations of workers, suppliers, partners and local communities, by:

  • actively addressing the issues of social and ethical impact on both our employees and the community;
  • respecting human rights and gender difference (also through a proactive and rigorous anti-corruption surveillance and careful selection of our partners and suppliers);
  • observing the laws, rules and regulations both in Italy and abroad;
  • making a conscious and efficient use of environmental resources that are common goods;
  • making the most of our human resources and coordinating our activities with them at each level, starting from shared objectives and values;
  • contributing to the development of the local communities in which we operate;
  • listening to and discussing the demands of each stakeholder (direct or indirect) inside or outside the company.


Our Concrete Commitment

Human Rights

We actively respect human rights by adopting policies to prevent the use of child labour or the induction into slavery.

Workers' Health and Safety

In terms of health and safety, we have adopted an organizational structure compliant with current regulations, with the aim of eliminating (or wher not possible reducing to the minimum) and keeping under control any risk for the workers.

Nursery School

The "Red Tree" nursery school owned by Demont was inaugurated in 2011 and given on loan for use to the Municipality of Millesimo. Every year, eight places are reserved for the children of our employees.
The symbol of the school (the corten steel red tree) has been manufactured by our workers in our Millesimo workshop!


Welfare DoubleYou platform was activated in 2019. It allows our employees to manage the amounts made available by the Company through welfare plans including:
- a wide range of services such as healthcare, travels and leisure, sports and cultural experiences, training;
- reimbursement of tuition fees, loans and mortgages, as well as season tickets for public transport;
- shopping and fuel vouchers.
Moreover Demont contributes to directly integrate the expenses for the fee of the "Red Tree" nursery school for the children of Demont's employees.
Since 2017, we have established some company scholarships to be awarded to employees' children who have distinguished for their academic performance and results. The students attending training courses in line with Demont's business sector are also offered opportunities for company internships.

Equal Opportunities

In Demont's organization chart women in charge of significant roles are more than 30%.


Certifications and Documents



ISO 45001:2018

ISO 45001 is an international standard for health and safety at work developed by national and international standards committees.

We have decided to be certified (UNI ISO 45001 is a voluntary standard) to be sure that our HSE management system is really effective in preserving physical and psychological integrity of our employees.



Adopting an ethical and socially responsible behaviour every day means respecting the law.