EPC Contractor

From Engineering to Plant Completion

We design and build complex, safe and sustainable plants as EPC Contractor in Oil & Gas, Power Generation and other strategic sectors, both in Italy and abroad.

Thanks to our advanced engineering skills, we can manage any phase of the project, engineering, procurement and construction as well as commissioning and maintenance operations.

Through our fifty-year working on site and the experience and skills of our staff we can guarantee the complete achievement of client’s goals and the highest quality level of the works, combined with the compliance to the most stringent HSE regulations.


Our Role of EPC Contractor

We can integrate the role of EPC Contractor with our offer of multidisciplinary erection services and in-house manufacturing, covering the entire range of specialized construction.

We use 3D modeling techniques based on advanced application software that allows to optimize product control, starting from process documents up to the automatic production of construction documents.

Material management, that is a notoriously critical aspect of complex plants, is carried out the optimal way thanks to the complete integration of Design and Procurement environments through automatic procedures (MMS) for the direct transfer of the data from Material Take Offs (MTOs) to the ERP system (SAP).

This guarantees the highest level of integration in the project to the full advantage of the overall execution and also of the optimal management from engineering phase up to start-up through fully shared and harmonized knowledge and skills.

Strict Regulations

Application of the strictest standards in terms of Quality, Safety, Environment, Governance & Business and Social Responsibility.

Advanced Software

Use of the most recent application software for the optimization of product control starting from process documents up to the automatic generation of construction documents.

Systematic Analysis

Systematic analysis of all the activities to be developed, from engineering to plant completion, including all phases of construction in workshop and installation on site.

Risk Minimization

Minimization of the risks of change and delay through the complete integration of the processes and the the study of suitable adjustments to work procedures.


Rigorous planning of activities and resources needed during each project phase, according to the operational requirements of the plant.


Optimized management of site logistics with a systematic "just in time" approach to reduce the necessary spaces to a minimum and avoid useless and risky material "double handling" .


Implementation of a continuous training process for engineers and workers involved in construction activities in order to ensure the regular updating of their skills.

Constant Monitoring

Constant monitoring of the works during each project phase aimed at the optimization and continuous improvement of the results.

Application Areas

Oil & Gas

EPC Contractor Activities in Chemical & Petrochemical Sector

Power Generation

EPC Contractor Activities in Power Generation Sector


EPC Contractor Activities in Shipbuilding Sector


EPC Contractor Activities in Other Strategic Industrial Sectors