Maintenance of Industrial Plants

50 Years in Plants Maintenance

Our company has a track record of being both active and competent in the maintenance of complex industrial plants.

At the beginning of this year, our subsidiary Sikel will directly take care of maintenance activities due to the company’s division related to maintenance and turnarounds in the petrochemical sector.

This spin-off of an historical sector of the Demont Group has been possible thanks to a highly specialized and experienced team that will operate independently and will allow Demont to better focus its “core business”, the design, construction and assembly of complex plants (EPC) in all industrial fields.


Maintenance Activities

Maintenance may seem a simple process, neverthelesst its effectiveness depends on complex factors (knowledge, awareness, culture, discipline). Maintenance scope is to keep the plant efficient and reliable and, when possible, to increase the performance of the systems making them suitable to the needs of the users.

Scheduled preventive maintenance is essential to prevent and reduce remedial works after failures, theoretically more impacting on production.

Besides preventing potential breakdowns, maintenance scope is to improve the performance of production processes and to guarantee their maximun safety and reliability.

With our half century experience we have consolidated the principles to proactively deal with maintenance works in compliance with client’s requirements.

The professional skill of Demont staff is a value recognized by the clients: we have earned this trust over the time and this allows us to work side by side for a common goal and to propose interesting solutions and innovations.

The attitude, skills and versatility of some key figures in our company enable us to find solutions apparently impossible if considered separately.

Dealing with unplanned maintenance requires highly specialized professional profiles: in some case the complexity is exponential.

Over the time we have been training resources able to analyse problems and find brilliant solutions and also to make processes stable in order to gain time and plan more accurate maintenance activities when needed.

Strict Regulations

Application of the strictest standards in terms of Quality, Safety, Environment, Governance & Business and Social Responsibility.

Advanced Operating Procedures

Advanced operating procedures are implemented by highly skilled employees supported by newer tools and equipment.

Systematic Analysis

Systematic analysis of all the aspects of maintenance activities in order to investigate and remove the causes of failures and change operating modes when needed.

Accurate Choices

Identification of the most suitable maintenance policies for a specific type of plant in order to ensure its correct and reliable operation.

Spare Parts and Warehouse

Careful management of warehouse and spare parts to ensure the constant flow of the material needed for plant operation.


Rigourous planning of activities and resources according to the requirements of every single plant.


Implementation of a continuous training process for the employees involved in maintenance activities in order to ensure the regular updating of their skills.

Constant Monitoring

Constant monitoring of maintenance works aimed at the optimization and continuous improvement of the results.

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