Capparuccia Gas Treatment Plant and Export Pipeline

Country: ITALY

Project Description

EPC project for the construction of a new gas treatment plant in the gas field of Capparuccia (FM), including the export methane pipeline to the gas metering station of national distribution network.

The plant was installed close to the well, the methane gas line was 6500 m long.

The plant included equipment, heat exchangers, a Hot Oil boiler, a glycole regeneration system, the blow down system, the DCS, E&I works, thermal insulation and painting works.

In total, about 230.000 kg of piping and 250.000 kg of steel structures were installed.

All the activities were completed within the timeframe set out in the contract.


General Data

Client: Società Adriatica Idrocarburi S.p.A.

Site: Ponzano di Fermo (FM)

Start of Works: 2009

End of Works: 2011