New Vacuum Plant and Interconnecting Lines

Country: ITALY

Project Description

EPC project for the construction of a new Vacuum Unit in the Refinery of Sannazzaro De’ Burgondi (PV), including interconnecting lines to exisiting systems and services.

The construction area was lying near the existing and operating plants, with a blowdown line crossing the new Vacuum plant.

The supporting structure, 30 m high, was designed and built on four levels in reinforced concrete.

The plant includes equipment, heat exchangers, a heater and a distillation tower, the DCS, E&I works, thermal insulation and painting.

In total, about 1.500.000 kg of piping and 500.000 kg of steel structures were installed.

All the activities were completed within the timeframe set out in the contract.


General Data

Client: Eni S.p.A.

Site: Sannazzaro De' Burgondi (PV)

Start of Works: 2008

End of Works: 2011