Supply of 3 steam generators to BIT in Turin

Country: ITALY

Project Description

Contract for the supply and installation of n° 3 new steam generators with a capacity of 160 t/h at 16 barg, including related auxiliaries and control systems for the BIT Thermal Power Plant of Integration and Reserve in Turin (Italy), awarded to the consortium Hi-Pe S.r.l. and Demont S.r.l.

The supply and installation for each of the three steam generators includes:

  • complete pressure parts (cylindrical bodies, upper and lower collectors, safety accessories, combustion chamber screen tubes, flue gas circulation tubes, vents, drains, etc.);
  • boiler makeup water system;
  • flue gas recirculation system for nitrogen oxides reduction;
  • heat recovery system on flue gases made by a flue gas/water district heating tubular bundle exchanger;
  • temperature maintenance system (hot stand-by), realized through an external boiler/water district heating tubular bundle exchanger;
  • boiler sampling and additive systems (consisting of n° 2 Skids common to the boilers);
  • valves and related actuators, instrumentation, electrical wiring, and control/signal/measurement;
  • combustion air fans and related regulation damper;
  • carpentries/support structures and steam generator containment casing;
  • stairs, walkways, and service/access platforms to Boiler components;
  • external and internal insulation, internal refractory linings of the boiler body;
  • BMS and DCS systems of the plant;
  • pre-Commissioning, Commissioning, and Start-up.


General Data

Client: IREN S.p.A.

Site: Turin (Italy)

Start of Works: January 2023

End of Works: December 2023