Mirafiori Team

Manager of Mirafiori Site (TO)

Giuseppe, how long have you been working for Demont?

I am a “junior” in Demont. I started working as ASPP (Safety Officer) in 2018, while the Turnaround in Sarroch Refinery was being completed.
Then I went on working with Demont in the two refineries in Sicily.
Recently, I moved from the Oil & Gas to the Industrial sector with the contract at Turbigo Power Plant, a wonderful work experience.
I am now working in Turin at the Mirafiori Site as a Site Manager.

What does your team do?

We are carrying out all the mechanical activities for the construction of a trigeneration plant together with the company Hi-Pe S.r.l.
My Team is composed of different professional figures: pipe and steel fitters, welders, crane operators, helpers and many of them are on a business mission like me.

In your experience, what is the secret to make a team work well together?

I have always considered theparticipation and motivation of the Team very important as well as the joint planning of the activities.
Every worker, each for his own task, must feel appreciated as a professional and must not be considered a mere executor.
Each one of us must be responsible and aware of his commitment because this is what teamwork is.

In your opinion, which are the values of your company?

Personally, I believe being responsible for one’s actions, being able to meet the expectations thus raising a sense of confidence, behaving in a transparent and reliable way, learning continuously and keeping up with the times.
These are the values of Demont workers, the values we believe in and for which we want to be recognized.

In your opinion, which advantages can the client derive from teamwork?

Teamwork allows a fair distribution of the tasks among all members, avoiding the outbreak of organizational problems.
It allows to get to the solution of problems more quickly, because working in a team means combining and sharing ideas, knowledge, different skills.
This is a source of enrichment and growth for each component.

Could you please describe your team with a #hashtag?

Using two words I would say “tottus inpari” which translated from Sardinian dialect means “all together“.