The Ostiglia Team

Interview to ANDREA CAIA
Site Manager in Ostiglia

Andrea, how long have you been working at Demont?

Faccio parte di questa grande “famiglia” da ottobre 2012.

What does your team do?

My team is working on the implementation of an EPC project for the installation of a new combined cycle at the EP plant located in Ostiglia.

In your experience, what is the secret to make a team work well together?

The secret to making a close-knit team is to make every team member feel up to the role they play, whether it is a supervisor or quality control role.
It is important that each person is aware that he or she is fundamental to achieving the final goal. This is the only way to achieve a good synergy.

In your opinion, which are the values of your company?

In my opinion, Demont embodies the true values of the family, that is, all life’s fundamental values: honesty, respect, collaboration, determination.

In your opinion, which advantages can the client derive from teamwork?

As I said before, working in a close-knit team creates a harmony that allows you to be unbeatable and therefore reliable.

Andrea, what distinguishes your team?

Humility and determination to achieve goals.

Could you please describe your team with a #hashtag?

#webelieveinsantaclaus! It sounds like a joke, but I think it’s the perfect hashtag and I’ll tell you why. If you still believe in Santa Claus, that is, if you have faith in something (in our case faith in the team), even what does not seem possible will become possible. You just have to believe it!