Trecate Team

Site Manager in the Refinery of Trecate (NO)

Fabio, how long have you been working for Demont?

I was hired in February 2006 as site accountant at the refinery of Trecate (NO).
Since then I have had several work experiences in other refineries: Sannazzaro de’ Burgondi (PV), Priolo Gargallo (SR), Augusta (SR), Busalla (GE) and Sarroch (CA).
Driven by my desire for continous improvement, I continued my growth at first holding the role of supervisor and then of site manager. I am still holding this role in the refinery of Trecate, a “historical” site for Demont, one of the first of the petrochemical sector.

What does your team do?

Trecate team is in charge of the mechanical maintenance of the plants inside the refinery as well as of the implementation of new projects and investments.

In your experience, what is the secret to make a team work well together?

Leadership, respect for roles, trust, organization.
I believe this is the mix of values needed in a working context to create a professional and competitive structure.

In your opinion, which are the values of your company?

Reliability, quality and professionalism.

In your opinion, which advantages can the client derive from teamwork?

Collaboration and mutual respect for a common goal: productivity.
In the context of Trecate we don’t want to be considered as just contractors, but consolidate a solid relation of partnership.

Fabio, which is the peculiarity of your team?

Definetely the competitiveness.
The desire to continually measure and exceed one’s potential!