"It is the people who make Demont great every day".

"It is the people who make Demont great every day
great every day".

"It is the people
who make Demont
great every day".

Resource for Plant Technical Office

Workplace: Millesimo (SV)

Job Description

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Contract Type

Full Time

What We Are Looking For ?

We are looking for a professional to join the technical office team of the Millesimo plant (prefabrication of equipment and system parts for industrial plant applications).

Planned Activities


The resource will use the Excel program to enter data necessary for production, including:
– preparation of lists of materials needed for each order,
– preparation of cutting sheet list for each order,
– daily control of production progress based on the daily inputs provided by quality,
– use of historical production progress data for the preparation of estimates.

Skill: intermediate excel ability, precision

Management of technical documents

The resource will check and validate the isometrics and construction drawings received from the engineering section or from suppliers/clients, and then transmit the necessary inputs to production for the construction and assembly phase.
By reading the technical drawings, the resource will extrapolate the quantities of the necessary materials (pipe lengths, type of material, quantity of fittings) to transmit the quantitative and qualitative data to production.
Skill: ability to read technical and isometric drawings


The resource will be responsible for entering Purchase Requests to SAP for materials or external services .
Skill: (in-company training on basic user SAP).


The resource will modify 2D construction drawings and create “as built” drawings for the end customer (construction site or external customer).
Skill: knowledge and ability to use AutoCAD 2D (3D in consultation).

Sheet metal cutting programs

The resource, starting from the project drawings, elaborates the construction details to feed dedicated programs for sheet metal cutting with oxy-fuel or plasma (automatic machines).
Skill: (in-company training on specific sheet metal cutting programs).

Minimum Qualifications and Characteristics Needed for this Position

  • Technical secondary school diploma (perito /geometra)
  • English B1
  • Italian B2
  • AutoCAD 2D: ability in its use
  • Excel: ability in its use
  • Aptitude for problem solving

Preferred Skills

  • Experience gained in professional technical studies, worksites, production plants
  • University degree in Engineering
  • Residence in Valbormida zone

Resource for Plant Technical Office

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