ENI: Inauguration of the New Cogeneration Plant in Bolgiano

Friday, September 25th, 2015, the new Enipower cogeneration plant in Bolgiano (San Donato Milanese) was inaugurated.

The new cogeneration plant represents the third improvement of the distric heating project started in 1955 when Enrico Mattei designed the Metanopoli village and the first office of ENI

The new plants are fueled by natural gas, they produce electricity for the national network, providing the heating to a large part of the San Donato Milanese municipality (private homes, public utilities and ENI offices).

The project was carried out focusing to the environment, by adopting the best technologies and engineering solutions to minimize emissions to the atmosphere.

Demont has contributed to the realization of the Bolgiano cogeneration plant by realizing the WP3 Balance Of Plant (BOP) turnkey contract.

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