Siemens Energy – Fata – Demont Together for the Turnkey Construction of the New Combined Cycle Unit in Ostiglia Power Plant

Last February, the RTI Siemens Energy, Fata and Demont S.r.l. was awarded the EPC/Turnkey Contract relating to the Engineering, Procurement and Construction of a new CCGT unit in Ostiglia Power Plant, owned by EP Produzione Group.

Demont S.r.l. is in charge of Mechanical Erection of all plants, Engineering, Procurement and Construction of BOP piping.

The new plant will have a capacity up to 881 MW and will be based on an advanced “H” class Gas Turbine in combined cycle with Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) and Steam Turbine.

“Being involved in such an important project was very exciting and gave me the opportunity to work again in an international background” says Stefania Bertonasco, the Proposal Manager of this project.

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