Demont participates in Italy’s journey towards excellence in nuclear technology

On Friday, February 2nd, at the Millesimo headquarters of Demont Group, the conference “Il Trilemma Energetico e il nucleare ” was held.

The event, which generated great enthusiasm and interest among the more than 40 employees present, featured eng. Marco Ricotti as the speaker. Ricotti is a full professor of nuclear plants at the Politecnico di Milano, President of the CIRTEN Consortium and coordinator of the working group on Small Modular Reactors (SMR) of the IAEA.

Professor Ricotti presented the main advances in this sector, focusing in particular on the illustration of SMR and Fourth Generation Reactors. These facilities promise to make this energy even more efficient and safe.

Always attentive and receptive to new trends in energy production, Demont is part of the potential supply chain for small modular reactors illustrated in the brochure of the Polytechnic University of Milan (download the brochure here).

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