Future, Creativity, and Active Listening at the Demont Workshop

“Leadership for the Future” workshop took place at Casa di Langa Sustainable Eco Resort in Cerreto Langhe, marking the final chapter of a training and personal growth project dedicated to the top levels of our Group.

The workshop was a moment of collaborative work, an emotional and sensory experience of great impact. The two days represented a profound sharing of the essence, strategy and vision of the Demont Group.

Divided into 3 teams, the managers engaged in immersive activities, shared the kitchen with the house brigade, and brought exciting battle games to life. Each activity contributed to identifying, sharing and focusing on the key characteristics of each team. Two intense days which led to better defining the mission of individuals, of the group and of the entire organizations to which they belong.

Your future at the heart of our project.
Competence, awareness, and reliability for a unique service.

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