Demont and the Challenge of Gender Equality: Sustainable Investment for Change

ESG strategy of our company aims to invest in all areas of the sustainable economy: with this in mind, we have undertaken the procedure to obtain the Certification concerning the Management System for Gender Equality in Organizations according to the UNI/PdR 125:2022 standards. The certifying body is RINA.

As a demonstration of Demont’s commitment to promoting equal opportunities between men and women, the President Lorenza Dellepiane attended the conference on “PNRR & GENDER EQUALITY – The Certification of Gender Equality – Objectives, Rules and Application” promoted by ADGI (Associazione Donne Giuriste Italia) with the patronage of the Equal Opportunity Body within the Ligurian Region Laura Amoretti.

The conference also saw the participation of Cristina Rossello – Honorable Member of the XIV EU Policy Commission, Daniela Asaro – Head of Health & Well-Being Certification Strategic Center of RINA and Antonella Carbone – member of AGI and ADGI MI.

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