Demont Towards Gender Equality Certification UNI PDR 125:2022

Demont begun the process to obtain gender equality certification, demonstrating once again, its commitment and attention to the protection of diversity and gender equality.

This voluntary certification process represents a significant step towards creating a fair and inclusive work environment, wherein every individual has equal growth opportunities and professional development, regardless of gender.

The reference standard (UNI PDR 125:2022) not only reflects Demont’s founding values but represents a starting point towards the promotion of a culture that increasingly recognizes the value of women in the job market; also, within the plant engineering sector.

The objectives, included in a Strategic Corporate Plan, concerning the selection and recruitment of staff, career management, the protection of parenthood, the reconciliation of work-life balance, the use of inclusive and non-discriminatory language and the concept of ZERO TOLERANCE about abuse and harassment in the workplace.

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