The Workshop Team

Production Manager of the Millesimo Site

Enrico, how long have you been working at Demont?

My experience with Demont began in 1988 when I was assigned to the Millesimo workshop. After gaining valuable experiences in various construction sites, I progressed professionally, first as the deputy supervisor and later taking on the responsibility of the Millesimo site.

What does your team do?

My team manages a diverse range of productions, including tube processing, carpentry and boiler making. Our process starts with the prefabrication phase, where components take shape. Then, we move on to welding, where every detail is carefully assembled and joined to create sturdy and well-integrated structures. Finally, we conclude our production cycle with the testing phase, a crucial step ensuring compliance with quality and safety standards. This comprehensive and methodical approach allows us to deliver high-quality products, ensuring that each stage of the production process is executed with precision and attention to detail.

In your experience, what is the secret to make a team work well together?

To build a cohesive team, it is important to involve every resource in various projects, informing them in advance about the desired end result. Moreover, trust and mutual respect are fundamental. Each team member should appreciate the skills and abilities of others, contributing to a positive work environment. In the workshop setting, workplace safety is also of primary importance. A safe and healthy environment contributes to greater satisfaction and cohesion among team members.

In your opinion, which are the values of your company?

A fundamental value I want to highlight in our company’s identity is the constant commitment to growth. In recent years, we have placed particular importance on investing in young talents, recognizing their potential as an essential pillar for building a stronger future. This approach not only lays the foundation for concrete growth but also helps shape a society in constant evolution. We believe that investing in the youth is a winning strategy to face tomorrow’s challenges and thrive in an ever-changing business environment. Additionally, the company is carefully committed to all aspects related to inclusive values. Our dedication to inclusive principles reflects our commitment to creating a work environment that welcomes and respects diversity, promoting a climate of collaboration and mutual respect.

In your opinion, which advantages can the client derive from teamwork?

Teamwork contributes to creating a more efficient and collaborative work environment, translating into significant advantages for customers in terms of service quality, waiting times, and overall satisfaction.

Enrico, what distinguishes your team?

Our team stands out for its diversity, embracing a wide range of ages and encompassing various levels and types of tasks. At the core of our mission is the desire to foster the growth and continuous improvement of young talents. A concrete example of this commitment is reflected in our school-work alternation program, through which we have successfully integrated two talented welders and an experienced tube specialist into our production team. With this initiative, we not only provide practical training opportunities but also nurture emerging potential, contributing to the formation of highly qualified professionals in our industry. We are proud to have such a diverse team and to invest in the success and growth of young and promising talents.

Could you please describe your team with a #hashtag?