Engineering Stories

Raffaella’s Story


from clerk to head of engineering

Raffaella, what does working at Demont means to you?

Working at Demont it’s been an amazing journey that allowed me to grow professionally whilst being a parent.
Flexibility was fundamental: I managed to work and, at the same time, to see my two daughters grow up.
I’ve always felt valued as an engineer and as a woman despite being part of an extremely masculine field.

My story in Demont begins in 1998: November, this year, will be my 25th year within the company. I’ve started within the process and mechanical components’ sector and from there my journey started.

Meanwhile I got married and I became a mother of two girls. Demont always met my needs as a working mother and I had no difficulty in obtaining leave permits as well as the optional maternity leave. When my second daughter was born, Demont opened the company kindergarten. I was one of the first employee to be able to take advantage of this opportunity: with two young daughters, it was a truly remarkable help for me.

I still remember my first important order: the Turin Polytechnic. My colleague and I had to face a tough challenge: it was a wonderful experience because we started from engineering to seeing our project built. The first time that I went to the construction site, the head of the engineering department told me: “Come closer to the filter. Understand what it means to design it and then see it in reality”. The artifact was huge: it was really exciting.

In 2010 I then became a Project Engineer. Later I was asked to become the process section and mechanical components manager: I accepted.

After some time, the position of head of engineering was offered to me and I was also given the opportunity to be technical director. It’s been a wonderful professional journey!

I am very happy with my experience. Demont is building a nice working environment, organizing training courses and trying to give a motivational boost to the new generations who come to work here or who alternate school with work.

To a young engineer, I would suggest gaining their experience in Demont, because within this reality it is possible to have the opportunity to see all the different phases of a project: from the design to the construction and start-up.