Headquarter Stories

Serena's Story


from a language assistant to Project Manager of one of the most significant contract in Demont.

Serena, what does working in Demont mean to you?

Working in Demont for me meant (and still means) having the opportunity to explore multiple growth perspectives and engage with different disciplines, people, activities, contexts, and projects. For individuals like me, who brings enthusiasm to everything they do, this is highly stimulating: Demont has given me the opportunity to develop my innate skills and abilities, while also allowing me to cultivate new ones. It valued not only my obvious strengths but also brought to light hidden talents that I didn't even know I possessed.

I started working in Demont in 2005, and my initial experiences were in handling projects as an assistant to Project Managers.

During that period, many projects, particularly international ones, were coming. With my degree in interpretation and translation, my initial activities primarily involved providing linguistic support to those managing the projects. I handled relations with foreign suppliers, corresponded in foreign languages with clients, local authorities, and professional firms involved in Demont’s ventures.

Over time, I had the opportunity to broaden my skills by gaining some knowledge about the technical, operational, and managerial aspects that I had not previously delved into, mainly due to my academic background, which was mostly focused on humanistic studies.

Over the years, I have accumulated experience, and Demont has rewarded my eagerness to learn, dedication, and perseverance by providing me with opportunities to enhance my skills. This has led to the management of increasingly complex projects, even in foreign contexts. I owe this growth not only to my own efforts but also to the collaboration with my colleagues and the team spirit that has always characterized the work environment I have been a part of throughout these years, and where I still work today.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my work experience has been successfully combining my passion for the linguistic field with technical skills, allowing me to become an independent project manager. I continue to perform this role with great satisfaction to this day.

Currently, I am acting as a Project Manager for one of the most significant projects for Demont in terms of scale and relevance. It involves an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) joint venture with other companies for the construction of the new thermal power plant in Ostiglia.