and turnarounds storie

Marco's Story


from generic worker to Oil & Gas department manager

Marco, what does working in Demont mean to you?

For me, working in Demont means tackling the most significant challenges together with a team where individual competition gives way to wise delegation of tasks.
The most effective teamwork is achieved through trust and respect among team members, where bilateral communication and a willingness to collaborate towards a common goal are shared tools.

I arrived in Demont 23 years ago as a generic worker. I gained my initial experiences in local maintenance sites. After a few years, I had the opportunity to become an accountant at the Infineum construction site and later for several other company sites.

Later on, I joined the naval staff, where I was involved in subcontracting management and cost control. Subsequently, I worked on various projects as an area manager, site manager and Deputy Project Manager. Some notable projects I worked on include the Albenga Hospital, the Rome Refineries, the Genoa Gas Networks, and the Eni facility in San Donato Milanese.

I then had the opportunity to become familiar with various departments of the company, gaining cross-functional experience in management control and budgeting. Eventually, I returned to the role of Project Manager, overseeing projects at the Trecate Refinery (NO), the Augusta construction site, and other smaller sites.

Currently, I am taking on the most exciting challenge of my career: serving as the Oil & Gas Department Manager. In recent times, I have been heavily involved in managing teams at three concurrent turnarounds. I am proud to say that two of these projects were completed ahead of schedule, a testament to the hard work and dedication of the teams.