Worksites Stories #2

Elvis’ Story


from a process team member to CEO of a Demont’s Group Company

Elvis, what does working at Demont means to you?

Working at Demont has meant being able to being able to learn by working immediately alongside technicians and engineers with enormous experience, being integrated and welcomed, involved and supported in close-knit teams where expertise always leaves room for people.
What have I appreciated the most? Having trusted me with the constant assignment of gradually increasing responsibilities.

In 2016, I obtained a master’s degree in Nuclear Energy Engineering, in English, and in October of the same year, I joined Demont in the HVAC system process team for the military naval sector.

After just 4 months, I was entrusted with managing the ventilation machine tests.

The following year, I was called by the management: “Elvis, do you want to try the experience of being a planner for the HVAC system at the Mochovce nuclear power plant site in Slovakia? You can learn how to run a construction site.”

First a planner, then deputy of the project manager, before being appointed site manager, and finally project manager of a project that started in 2010.

Today, after 6 years on this construction site, I can say that I have actually completed this extremely long project, grown a lot as a person, had the opportunity for a career path in line with my studies, and developed professional use of English and learned Slovak.

As if that weren’t enough, at the end of 2022, I was involved in the project to establish the new Company of the Demont Group, together with my colleagues Luca and Juan. Ripren s.r.o. is born, and I was I was asked to be CEO.

After 7 years at Demont, after many experiences and changes, I feel I can say that one thing has remained unchanged: consistency in choices.