Worksites Stories #1

Salvatore's Story


from general worker to skilled crane operator

Salvatore, What does working at Demont mean to you?

Working in Demont is important to me because I like it and I feel good about it. That's why I came back: now I will retire with Demont. I am not looking for other adventures because I’ve already done them here.
And then I must say that having received an offer of a permanent indefinite contract at the age of 56 was surprising to me: in Today's world it is more unique than rare. A permanent contract at my age: What more can I ask for?

A permanent contract at my age: What more can I ask for? I had my first experience in Demont in 1995. I entered as a helper, but over the years I got specialized in industrial carpentry.

Demont gave me the opportunity to diversify my skills: they trained me, and I got the crane driver’s licence.

Today I operate lifters and work platforms, cranes, and mobile cranes. I’ve always shown the willingness to learn and because of this Demont invested in my specialization for the steering of these vehicles.

I haven’t always been at Demont: I’ve also worked for other companies. When Michela Santo (recruiter in Demont for more than 15 years – ed) in 2017 called me to tell me if I was willing to come back with Demont for a project in America, I was speechless. I asked to my wife and then decided to accept.

I’ve been to Ohio: it was a great opportunity and a beautiful experience, even though it was tiring. This wasn’t the only international construction site in which I’ve participated: for 4 years, I worked at Iter in France as well.

During these experiences abroad, the support of colleagues was fundamental: teammates are important, especially when you are away from home and family.

For my part, I am reliable and always available: I work for others, I get off the crane and try to lend a hand when needed. Within Demont, team spirit and collaboration are rewarded. In fact, they’ve always wanted me on construction sites, and I was amazed when I received an offer of a permanent contract at my age. In Today’s business world this is very unusual. To me it means that I have given something to the company, they appreciated my willingness and my good personality.

And I can say that, in Demont, if one has the will and desire to learn, there is room for improvement for everyone.
I believe that in Demont there is an environment where everyone can grow if they have the right attitude and the desire to learn. How do I matured in working as a crane operator? I put my will and resilience into it and managed to do the job I like.

I would recommend Demont to a young person who wants to work as it will be an excellent investment for the future because Demont teaches you a real profession.