Demont’s Team Leading in the Turin Shipyard

Demont demonstrates its reliability by launching the assembly operations relating to the Turin construction site on time and in the manner envisaged

What will distinguish our performance in the on-site assembly phases will be be the ability to work in an already existing operating context which presents numerous situations of functional discomfort compared to a construction site from scratch (first of all the criticality of the spaces), as well as the competence in manage the delicate start-up phases of the plant to fully guarantee its performance. This result will be possible thanks to the involvement of a very close-knit operational team, already tested in similar operational contexts.

The team dedicated to the order – oriented towards mechanical activities, coordination, civil and electro-instrumental works – is made up of people with considerable experience supported by new energies.

And it is precisely the balanced mix between experience and youth that is the real strength of the team.

To learn more about the people who will put all their effort and professionalism into this site, we interviewed the site manager Fabrizio Nicolai.

Fabrizio, how long have you been working at Demont?
I have been working at Demont since 2004.

What does your team do?
My team mainly deals with the installation of new systems, revamping, maintenance, assembly and commissioning.

In your experience, what is the secret to make a team work well together?
There are no secrets: you need an open collaboration and a thorough understanding of the character and psychology of your colleagues.
Involve all the resources present in the project, focus well on the objective, listen to everyone because every role is fundamental.

In your opinion, what values does the company embody?
The company has a few simple rules: give its employees stability, stimuli and clear objectives, try to make work always “appetizing”, encouraging staff to collaborate in order to have more strategy and improve themselves.

In your opinion, which advantages can the client derive from teamwork?
For the customer, the advantages are many: constant collaboration, transparency, excellent technical quality and compliance with the rules.
This ensures that the customer trusts our company and allows us to effectively overcome the obstacles they encounter every day.

Would you describe your team with a hashtag?
The current team is very professional, active and extremely autonomous: they know well what the company’s objectives are and perform accordingly.



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