The First Hydraulic Test at the Iren Bit Construction Site in Turin Has Been Successfully Passed

At the Iren Bit plant in Turin we have successfully completed the assembly of the first boiler.

Giovanni Morelli, just returned from the positive turnaround in Saras, now as Deputy Site Manager in the aforementioned construction site, was immediately engaged in the hydraulic test.

(Q): Giovanni, how does the “hydraulic test” take place?

(A): The hydraulic test intervention was carried out in three main phases:

  1. Inspection and verification of all components involved in the test.
  2. Filling the entire boiler with Demi Water and pressurizing the circuit, checking for any leaks. This second phase is called “Precollaudo” (preliminary testing).
  3. Final test in the presence of the Notified Body and the Client.
    On the day of the final test, after the arrival of all involved parties, we brought the circuit back to the Test Pressure (31.7 Bar) maintaining the pressure for one hour. During this time, both the Notified Body and the Client verified that there were no leaks or pressure drops. As the outcome was favorable, the circuit was depressurized and emptied.

I would like to highlight that this positive result was achieved thanks to the determination and skills of the Demont personnel present on the construction site, with the continuous and constant support of HI-PE engineering. Now, I can’t wait to get to the commissioning, which is my passion.

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