Demont attends the Second Edition of SMR Summer School to consolidate its presence in the next-generation nuclear sector

«Knowing that you don’t know is the first awareness that ignites enthusiasm and curiosity towards new cognitive experiences, which allow personal and professional growth, to be cultivated day by day. » Raffaella Gai, Head of Department Engineering at Demont

In the current context characterized by global warming, SMRs (Small Modular Reactors) – standardizable, modular and significantly smaller in size than old generation nuclear plants – prove to be fundamental allies to be paired with renewable energies to promote effective decarbonisation in the decades to come.

Francesco Lerotti and Lorenzo Franco, Demont’s engineers, share the experience lived at Campus di Lecco of Politecnico di Milano, where from 24 to 28 June they attended the contributions of the main exponents on the SMR topic, and then tried their hand at the preliminary sizing of Passive & Active Safety Systems.

«Francesco, what did you learn from this event? »

«It was interesting listening to speakers from all over the world, getting in touch with more international points of view and deepening my knowledge on SMR. I find the USNC project to be cutting-edge, aimed at developing a Micro Modular Reactor for heat production with very high transportability and safety, and I am proud to have made the know-how acquired in Demont available to my working group, in particular on drafting of P&ID and process calculations. »

Lorenzo adds: «I particularly appreciated the speech by Roberto Adinolfi (Ansaldo Nucleare), who provided an overview of the Italian supply chain in which Demont is also present as a company active in nuclear development. It was also interesting to address the topic from a managerial, safety and regulatory point of view: no less important themes than the most recurrent debate on the process. »


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