Tackling Skill Mismatch: Together We Can!

What happens when 20 Patetta students go to visit Demont?

This is the story of “La scuola in azienda”, the project that led the students of the Federico Patetta Institute of Higher Education in Cairo Montenotte to get to know the productive world of Demont up close.

The students visited the engineering department and the workshop, taking a close look at how to work in a modern and technological reality where complex systems are designed and the artifacts that will be assembled on site are prefabricated.



The students also met the experts who work in the field, who told their direct experience on site.

A concrete and stimulating way not only to discover the professional opportunities that the industrial sector offers and to understand that school is not just books and homework but also a practical and concrete experience to overcome the skill mismatch,the gap between business needs and professional skills of young people entering the job market for the first time.

Demont is a socially responsible company that believes in young people and in their training: for this reason, it participates with enthusiasm in projects such as “La scuola in azienda”, which put students in contact with the world of work to prepare them for the future!

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