Future Pipe Fitters Trained

The training course for the unemployed, with piping specialization, has come to an end.

This course has been set up to give trainers the possibility to approach the basic theory as well as the hands-on practice in the workshop.

The theory was held by our specialized technicians from our Engineering Department who ranged from the graphic representation of a piping path, schemes, drawings, (plant and isometrics), going through the raw materials presentation to be used and concluding with basics information about refurbishing quality control, NDT and WPS (welding instructions).

For the hands-on training, the specialized workers in our Workshop took care of the trainers walking them through the “hands-on work”. They walked them through the main tools, presentation, and practical use of the mallet (small and big) in order to acquire the skills needed, welding try-outs and practice with piping.

To wrap up, practical tests and carpentry practice.

To conclude the course, we carried out a series of evaluation and interviews with the HR Department with all the candidates to discuss the possible future opportunities.

Demont is always looking for young talent to train.
If you are interested, please send your cv to documentazione@demont.it

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