In-Company Training Programs Aimed at Students of the Istituto Patetta of Cairo Begin

Within the context of the collaboration program between Schools and Companies (PCTO), Demont hosted the first four students from the Cairo Istituto d’Istruzione Superiore Federico Patetta , offering the opportunity for a “full immersion” inclusion in the company,,alongside expert tutors from various sectors related to the study path chosen by the students: Orlan, from the professional course, was placed in the Millesimo production plant, Filippo and Nicolò, from the Electrotechnical address, collaborated with the Engineering department, and finally Miriam, from the commercial technical course, was assigned to the accounting section. The collaboration will continue in April, when another five PCTOs will start.

This initiative represents an important bridge between education and the world of work, offering students the opportunity to gain practical experience and understand the expectations of the world of work. Thanks to their participation, the young people were able to experience work dynamics up close and put into practice the knowledge acquired in their educational path.

The PCTO program continues to prove itself as an effective platform for fostering the development of student skills and facilitating their entry into the job market upon completion of their studies. The collaboration between the Federico Patetta Institute and Demont is a tangible example of how education and businesses can work together to create meaningful opportunities for young people.

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