Traineeships at Demont: Building our future together

For several years, Demont has been investing in welcoming interns from technical schools, vocational schools, and high schools in Valbormida, from Cebano and from Savona.

In the last 3 years, we have hosted over 60 boys and girls, with an employment rate that for technicians, in the post-diploma phase, approaches 100%.

The training programs can be undertaken during the school year through work-related learning (PCTO), or during the summertime with “optional” internships. The offering is complemented by post-diploma traineeships aimed at introducing individuals to the company staff with the goal of of hiring them.

“The impact of traineeships is significant,” says Antonella Sugliano, Human Resources Manager at Demont. “We provide boys and girls with computers equipped with tools like Autocad and other specific programs. Company tutors dedicate themselves to their training to make the experience in the company fruitful for learning and their future careers. We place a strong emphasis on ‘training on the job’ with support from senior technicians with more experience.”

Raffaella Gai, Engineering Department Manager , is one of the promoters of these experiences and supports: “We really believe in traineeships because they allow young people to understand what it means to work in an organized team. Furthermore, it is precisely through traineeships that young people discover their own work-related aptitudes.”

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