Gender Equality – Demont Obtains UNI/Pdr 125:2022 Certification

Demont has obtained the Uni/Pdr 125:2022 Gender Equality Management System Certification, distinguishing itself as one of the first Italian companies operating in the metalworking and industrial sector to obtain this innovative certification.

The achievement of this goal takes on an even greater significance considering the marked male prevalence that characterizes the sector in which Demont operates.

As a proof of its historic commitment to work equity and inclusion, the company achieved a remarkable score in a certification process that was awarded after an evaluation based on 33 parameters such as corporate’s culture and strategy, training opportunities, women’s growth and inclusion, pay equity, and initiatives towards the protection of parenthood and work-life balance. It’s also worth highlighting the speed with which Demont acted in the formulation and preparation of the necessary documentation.

This positive outcome underscores the effectiveness of Demont’s policies and initiatives to ensure an inclusive and gender-friendly work environment as well as the adoption of zero tolerance towards any form of abuse or harassment in the workplace.

The Management is firmly convinced that inclusivity is a fundamental value for the success of the Group and is always ready to welcome young high-potential resources who want to embark on a path of professional development within the sector.

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